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The Critic lyrics - hoobastank

so what if what I say
so what if what I do
Isnt what you wanted to
that doesnt justify you
tearing me down
with all that you say

it seems you only live
to doubt my every move
pretending like you always knew
but I dont care if you dont
like what you see
Cause I'll do as I please

so leave me alone
I'm sick of your games
when will you learn
we're not the same
leave me alone
get out of my face
when will you learn
we're not the same

no matter where I am
no matter where I go
you never can leave me alone
you might as well just tell me
you're wasting your time
cause you're going to fail

and now i finally know
now I finally see
the reason why you couldnt be
the person that you dreamed of
you gave it all up
well I wont do the same

Leave me alone
I need more than room to grow
cause we're not the same
you treat my life
like its a game

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